AMD - B450 Motherboard

Supports the Ryzen 2700X + CPUS



16GB Dual Channel

RAM for Ryzen CPU
Quake Champions Loves Dual Channel RAM. Get 16 GBs

AMD Ryzen 2700X

Ryzen 2700x
Plenty Power for Under $200!! Currently use this in my currently RIG. Able to play and stream games at the same time if you want!


M.2 500 GB

Fast Gaming Hard Drive
Destoryer of Load Times. Increase your boot time not only on the main OS with more space. Make game load almost instantly.

Doom Guy Action Figure

Doom Slayer Quake Champions
Awesome Action Figure Featuring the Doom Slayer! Collect this now!!

Doom Eternal PC

Doom Eternal on PC
Pre-order on Amazon and get 17% off right now! Continue the Epic Doom Slayer Story!

Cheap Gaming Keyboard

$38 Keyboard, Cherry MX Blues Hard to beat! Don't waste $$ on a keyboard use that towards that video card upgrade!

Team Liquid Hoodie 2019

team liquid quake hoodie
You might not play like Rapha, but you can at least look like Rapha with this stylish Team Liquid Hoodie

Good Sound = Good Gameplay

Hard to beat the Hyper-X Cloud 2 Headset for the Price. You need excellant sound to know where your enemies are!

Classic Quake Tee

Get one of the coolest logos ever invited on a shirt. Classic Quake

24-Inch 144hz Monitor

More Frames, Means more Accuracy. This is required for Arena Shooters

Gamer Fuel

Quake Gamer Fuel
Caffiene and AFPS go hand and hand. Get lazer focused.

Mouse Cable Management

AFPS Mouse Cable
How annoy can mouse cables be? Solve it with this.

Arena FPS Mouse

Zowie Mouse eSports
One of the best and most accurate Mouse used. Liquid Rapha's Mouse of Choice

The Quake Beanie

The Quake Beanie
Complete with the Quake Champions logo. Keep your head and ears warm during the winter hours.

Quake Coffee Mug

Quake Coffee
Everyone loves Caffeine that plays quake. Why not put your coffee in this awesome red Quake Mug.

Doom 2016 Sound Track

Doom 2016 Sound Track
The Heavy Metal Hard hitting album is worth every single penny.

Quake Champions Comics

Quake Comics Book
The series is amazing. To bad it hasn't been continued for whatever reason. Worth a read if you are a QC fan!

Quake Shirt Logo

Get this sweet Quake Champions T-Shirt available up to 2x!

Black Quake Hat

Quake Champions Hat
Check out this awesome baseball cap with the Quake logo!

Scale Bearer Statue

Scale Bearer Statue
Now you can be the Train in Real Life. Choo-Choo

The Quake Clock

The Quake Clock
Never Lose time again while counting those frags with this Quake Champions Clock.