Doom 2016 Soundtrack Vinyl

Doom 2016 Soundtrack Vinyl

Looking to add the Doom 2016 Soundtrack Vinyl to your awesome Vinyl collection? Then look no further Quakefans has you covered!

What you will be buying is a Limited Edition RED Vinyl Record with all the greatest music from the Doom 2016 soundtrack.


  • A1 – I. Dogma
  • A2 – Rip & Tear
  • A3 – At Dooms Gate
  • A4 – Rust, Dust & Guts
  • A5 – Hellwalker
  • B6 – II. Demigod
  • B7 – Flesh & Metal
  • B8 – Authorization: Olivia Pierce
  • B9 – Ties That Bind
  • B10 – Dr. Samuel Hayden
  • B11 – Argent Energy
  • C12 – III. Dakhma
  • C13 – BFG Division
  • C14 – Biowaves
  • C15 – Transistor Fist
  • D16 – IV. Doom
  • D17 – Damnation
  • D18 – Olivia’s Doom (Chad Mossholder Remix)
  • Remix – Chad Mossholder
  • D19 – UAC Report File: SHT036U3
  • D20 – 6_idkill.vega.cih (Chris Hite Remix)
Doom 2016 Soundtrack Vinyl

OF course my favorite song on the track is C13 – BFG Division. This song might be the greatest heavy metal FPS song of all time. Here is a YouTube sample from the master mind of music, Mick Gordon. He created almost all if not all the Music you hear in DooM 2016.

I love listening to it while play Quake or other FPS games. It really gets my heart racing.

Doom 2016 Soundtrack Listening Options

Maybe you want to listen to the full album before making a vinyl purchase and adding to your vinyl or gaming collection. Fair enough.

You can many options, you can go over to YouTube and listen to the full soundtrack but listening on YouTube isn’t always practical.

Luckily for you the full album is STREAMED on Amazon Music.

Stream Doom 2016 Soundtrack on Amazon Music – Click Here

Amazon music is a great way to experience the soundtrack in your car, it’s ad-free and everything! I have a subscription myself and I’ve found just about any music that I can find on it and listen to. I mostly listen to it while working out or driving.

Buy Doom 2016 Soundtrack Vinyl

Ok, so you are ready to purchase the Limited Edition Vinyl I’ll just go ahead and say. It’s not CHEAP.

But, most vinyl’s I’ve ran across always cost around $20 or more. Since this is a limited Edition you can expect to pay a lot more than the normal $20+ price tag.

You can purchase on Amazon Today!

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