Doom 2016 Sound Track

Doom Original Game Soundtrack

The Doom Original Game Soundtrack from 2016 is a work of brilliance.

I’m talking about the 2016 version of Doom. I know it can get quite confusing at times with the naming schemes of video games these days.

Not really sure why they just didn’t call it Doom 4.

Let’s jump straight into information about the album.

Doom 2016 Tracks

The soundtrack comes with 31 heart-pounding music tracks. They are all worth listening to.

Mick Gordan works his musical magic and really brings this game’s soundtrack to life.

It is probably not safe to drive down the road listening to this album. Your heart will be racing so fast you might start driving 100 M.P.H. without even thinking about it.

If you enjoy metal you cannot go wrong at all listening to this album.

Purchasing or Listening to Doom Original Game Soundtrack

You can listen to this album for free if you are an Amazon Prime Member!

The perks of being an Amazon Prime Member is really unlimited. Tons of Music, Free Movies and TV Shows, Twitch Prime Sub, and 2-day free shipping!

But if you don’t want to go that route you can buy the Audio CD straight from Amazon as well.

There is also a Vinyl option if you are into collecting Vinyl. Pretty awesome that this is an option to even have!

With Doom Eternal coming around the corner there you can get an early start on what the music will be like listening to this album.

I’d advise not letting your grandma listen to this album as she might want to start Ripping and Tearing on the streets. Ripping and tearing should be left to Doom Salyers not Grandmas.

Mick Gordan will also be creating music for Doom Eternal and from the previews it’s great as well!

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