Original Quake for PC

The Original Quake for PC

The Original Quake for PC is the reason that this website even exists.

Had Quake not been developed where would we be?

There are so many reasons you should buy Quake. But, I’m going to let you know the sole reason to do it in 2020.


Let’s be realistic you can’t just pop in the game and expect it to play perfectly. This game was made for MS-DOS…

The Original Quake for PC

Quake is dark, bloody, and spooky.

With amazing sounds, great level design, and a Lovecraftian atmosphere there is more than enough to that you can ask for.

id Software already had a smash hit with Doom, so they wanted to develop a full 3D accelerated game and what they brought us was Quake.

In my opinion, Quake is better known for Multiplayer as it was the first eSport in my opinion.

Quake was developed with Multiplayer in mind, unlike Doom.

Purchase Quake

You can find Quake pretty much anywhere digitally. I’ll just be honest it’s not hard to find at all.

What is hard to find is a collectible disc.

Quake has a great cover art and looks good on a shelf. You should want to add it to your collection.

Good luck going thrifting and finding a complete copy. Save yourself the trouble and get the copy you deserve.

Grab the discs, rip the data files off of it and throw Quake onto the Dark Places engine and experience like you should in the modern era.

After you get your game head over to https://moddb.com and find some awesome single-player games.

There is also quaddicted which has made a simple installer so there are no excuses!

You deserve to play this game, so play it.



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